Used Cooking Oil Collection and Recycling

We provide hassle-free, reliable cooking oil collection. Always committed to meeting your needs and expectations, while providing eco-friendly service. As easy as 1-2-3.


Reliable Service

Scheduled or on-call pickups.


Environmentally Friendly

Reduce your restaurants carbon footprint.


Support Local Farms

Strengthen the local Edmonton and area economy.

Why Choose us

We Provide Top-Notch Service, With Full Transparency on our Process

All used cooking oil that we collect is treated and converted into a biofuel at our own plant. All of that biofuel is used by local Edmonton farmers to power their farms. Our competitors sell your cooking oil to third-party companies, meaning you'll never truly know where it'll end up. With us, you're guaranteed that your waste product is directly having a positive environmental impact while supporting local farmers.


We're here to support your restaurant.


Local farms depend on your used oils to keep running.


% of your used vegetable oil is recycled


% of your recycled oil is used to help support Edmonton farmers


% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is what recycling your oil leads to


KG's of CO2 emission reduction is our objective for 2022

Support local businesses and farms

Rest assured knowing your vegetable oils are being used to power local Edmonton farms.

We are a local business, supporting local businesses. 100% of your used vegetable oil is converted into biofuels, which are then used to support local farms. The users of our biofuels are your costumers, your neighbours, your friends.

Not only will you be benefiting your own business, you'll be entering a community that supports one another and grows the local economy.

Call or email us, and learn more about how your waste products can have positive impact on your local community.

No Fees, No Contracts.

Our waste collection services are completely free to local restaurants. If you are unhappy with our service, cancel anytime.


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